About Zinox®

About Zinox ®

Founded by serial digital entrepreneur, Dr. Leo Stan Ekeh (OON) in 2001 alongside a team of ICT technocrats, the story of Zinox®️ is that of a spiritual mustard seed designed to challenge capitalist structures of the 21st century by promoting a knowledge economy through digital democracy. This is why Zinox®️ in a short period has institutionalized high-end ICT Solutions that has moved the Nigerian IT sector to the next level.

For the past 22 years, Zinox®️ has helped people both within and outside Nigeria achieve their dreams and aspirations as well as deploy their potential to create wealth and richer lives for themselves and their societies by using technology to proffer simple solutions to the day-to-day challenges that they face at home, school, work and even at play, cost-efficiently.

Zinox®️ is the foremost company to go into the uncharted terrain of Computer assembling and ICT Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and has etched its name into the world IT history books by notching a lot of firsts. These include but are not limited to the first internationally certified indigenous computer brand in Sub-Saharan Africa; the first computer brand in the world to incorporate the Naira sign (N) on its keyboard; the first indigenous internationally certified Computer Manufacturer in Nigeria. Zinox®️ boasts the first and only computerized digital assembly plant in Sub-Saharan Africa; the first ICT powerhouse to expand beyond hardware to design, implement, maintain, and support Information Communications and Technology solutions across all verticals of the economy. Zinox®️ is currently the only local OEM partner of Microsoft and Intel Corporation in Nigeria and the only ICT company in Sub-Saharan Africa to expand her digital ambition to develop and create a Renewable Energy private label (iPower) and Home Electronics private label (iTEC) with more to come.

Zinox®️ designed digital data collection for the Nigerian national elections in 2006 and in 2010 with the delivery of the single largest integrated ICT project in Africa in partnership with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC 2010 Data capture). Zinox®️ continued this track record and conducted a similar digital election in Guinee Bissau and Gambia.
Apart from computer manufacturing, Zinox®️ has built internal capacities to support her future expansion and structured growth in varied digital solutions areas. With soaring growth in all performance indices and a 21st Century Management Team ably supported by a highly skilled, passionate, and dedicated workforce, Zinox®️ has consistently proven that enhanced IT knowledge and deployment of robust ICT infrastructures are the key drivers of the new economy.

As the unrivaled leader in the supply and implementation of ICT infrastructure solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa and a direct and indirect workforce strength of over 800 Nigerian staff, out of which 462 are certified research and development/systems engineers, Zinox®️ provides robust adaptive and cost-effective end-to-end solutions to international operators and enterprise market users. It boasts a wide range of smart computing devices ranging from laptops, desktops, AIOs, notebooks, tablets, Renewable energy products/solutions and has recently expanded into the consumer electronics market and is set to roll out its brand of air-conditioners, refrigerators, etc. from their new integrated multi-platform digital assembly plant located in Nigeria and more to come.

The company was recently rated by International Data Corporation (IDC), USA as the No. 1 selling laptop brand amongst local and international computer brands in Nigeria. As proof of Zinox®️’s cutting-edge ICT capabilities, the company again delivered the biggest single ICT digital product supply to conduct a digital census in Nigeria which will help the nation to plan for economic freedom. Zinox®️ is also credited with the largest single e-Library and wireless cloud rollout project on the continent, which has seen over 1,500 universities and other tertiary institutions in Nigeria equipped with high-speed internet and other digital infrastructure to complement these rollouts including solar installations to support erratic power supply systems in Nigeria.

Today, Zinox®️ has grown beyond hardware manufacturing into an ICT solutions power house with certified capacities in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Satellite Network Connectivity, Hybrid Wireless Connectivity, Turnkey end-to-end network design, and management using indigenous capacities. We have been uncompromising in the delivery of high levels of products, solutions, and service through our 5-stage Quality Control processes and guaranteed by our warranty policy which is unrivaled in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our products and solutions are energy-friendly and developed for the challenging African environment with years of efficient and effective performance.

At Zinox®️ we create business solutions that utilize new technologies to streamline systems, efficiently align, integrate, and maximize productivity. We design and develop products with the security of the system and IT infrastructure in mind. Our bias is in checking the security level and closing potential security gaps in existing systems and infrastructure. Our partnership with top international cybersecurity companies is a further reassurance of our commitment and competence in providing a secure IT environment.

Our warranty services are extensive, from basic manufacturer programs to highly complex solutions! It delivers absolute peace of mind. You can extend the life of your older technology and avoid unplanned expenses. You are assured a lasting return on your equipment with fixed-cost support and reduced downtime.

Our Mission

We are a highly skilled world-class ICT Company dedicated to providing innovative products and solutions through a well-trained and motivated workforce. 

Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred source of ICT products and solutions in Africa. 

Corporate Values