Hybrid Wireless Connectivity



Our hybrid wireless solution is a scalable, robust and secure wireless network that is setup to provide over 1KM radius coverage per sector with VSAT broadband internet access. The hybrid wireless connectivity make use of both Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) and Wimax (IEEE 802.16) wireless technologies. We have setup well over 70 wireless connectivity Sites in Nigerian higher institutions across the nation.


Below are the different components with their functions that make up the hybrid wireless connectivity;


· Wireless Base station with sectorial Antennas;

The wireless base station with the sectorial antenna is used to provide Wimax (Wireless Interoperability for Microwave - IEEE 802.16) wireless connectivity with over 1KM radius coverage within the campus.


·  Point to Point radio bridge;

The point to point radio bridges are used to extend the wireless internet connectivity to dark areas of the campus where the wireless signal is not too strong. These are areas out of the 1KM wireless coverage areas within the campus.


· Wireless Access point ;

The wireless access points are used to further redistribute wireless internet connectivity within the dark areas of some of the buildings within the school campus.



They are used to house the management software and wireless hotspot billing applications that is used to protect, secure and control access to the wireless internet connectivity. One of the server serves functions as the primary, while the second is the backup server.


·Hotspot Application- Mikrotik;

This is the application that secures, protects, controls access, manages and provide billing to the wireless internet connectivity.


·Broadband VSAT Internet access;


The VSAT is used to bring the internet access to the campus and it is connected to the wireless connectivity network.